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We browse all possible sources on the Internet and elsewhere to check for accuracy and changes. Trustworthy directory operators are always willing to make corrections and/or additions you provide to them. Don't EVER pay someone to correct their own records.

Universal Directories

Directorie Autor Description
21st Century Christian Churches of Christ in the United States Carl H. Royster, 21st Century Christian, Nashville, TN Oldest compilation of 12,784 records of churches of Christ in the United States, with detailed character/race information (CCUSA database). Recently published complete on the Internet by 21CC. Printed versions available for sale by 21CC.
On-Line Ministries World Wide Directory A work of the late Wes Duncan, Topeka, Kansas, Dennis Kelly, Searcy, Arkansas, and Rex D. Moore Albuquerque, New Mexico Large File-Based Directory, an early source to
Conservative and non-institutional Churches of Christ On Line Lonely Mountain Software, Alabaster, AL, Ryan Waldron Ryan Waldron's list of "Conservative and Non-Institutional" congregations.
Assembly Locations of Christians Anywhere In the World The Interactive Bible, Steve Rudd, Hamilton, Ontario, L9A-3L3 Steve Rudd's list of "Conservative and Non-Institutional" congregations.
Conservative and Non-Institutional Churches of Christ The Bible Speaks, Richie White, Garland Texas 75040 Richie White 's list of "Conservative and Non-Institutional" congregations.
FindTheChurch.Com Thomas Lahman's various business interestes, Memphis, TN Thomas Lahman 's list of "Conservative and Non-Institutional" congregations.
Churches of Christ in Korea Malcolm E. Parsley , Church of Christ Mission, Ku Seoul, South Korea 157-016 List of 5 churches, some English speaking.
The Old Paths Network Directory of churches of Christ Roy Davison, Alken, Belgium Roy Davison's survey of European churches.
Directory of Churches in Ukraine Bogdan Andriychenko Fantastic!
An Internet Directory of Restoration Movement Churches in Canada Darrell Buchanan, Western Christian College, Dauphin, Manitoba Approx. 120 churches listed.
Churches of Christ in Thailand Marut Rungruang Ubon., Thailand List of 17 churches with addresses.
Churches of Christ in Malaysia Ong Chong Fatt, minister of the PJ Church of Christ, Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia List of 11 Malaysian; 2 Tamil Speaking, 7 Chinese speaking congregations.
Churches of Christ in Puerto Rico Elmer N. Dunlap Rouse List of 22 churches, all in Spanish.
Churches of Christ Micah Powless, Port Orchard, WA File-based directory.
DIRECTORIO DE LAS IGLESIAS DE CRISTO EN GUATEMALA (Churches of Christ in Guatemala) (1.2M .htm file) Gene Luna Quetzaltenango, Guatemala File of more than 200 churches with 6-year attendance history. Very reliable and accurate, lots of details.
Churches of Christ in India Theodore Lucas, India Text document (521KB) A terrific accomplishment. This is JUST the Tipura state, one of 28 states and 7 union territories. We need help geocoding this.
The Church of Christ in French-Speaking Canada, Belgium, Switzerland, and France. Roy Davison, Alken, Belgium Roy Davison's survey of European churches.
The Church of Christ in Italy Individuals not identified
Nice work. Excellent detail.
"Internet Ministries" Silbano Garcia II Fee-based updates. Unknown number of records.

Regional US Directories

Directorie Autor Description
Michigan State Directory Students In Christ (University of Michigan) Ann Arbor Church of Christ, Ann Arbor, MI, Regional Directory
Texas Churches of Christ and separately Churches of Christ in Corpus Christi, Texas Jay Crook, Corpus Christi, TX Regional Directory ; Clickable dynamic map-based finder. Very cool. Very up-to-date..
David Risener's One Cup Directory David Risener, 1929 Hwy 177 S, Sulphur OK, 73086, 817-710-4291 Database of 600 one cup churches.

Other Interesting Directories

Directories of churches that include certain denomination-afiliated listings not included in ChurchZip.

Directorie Autor Description
FindAChurch.Com A commercial hosting business operated by Alan Glass, located in Scranton, PA 25,000 US churches of all denominations, 10,000 in Canada.
Churches of Christ in Australia Directory of Churches of Christ in Austrailia and New Zealand, Churches of Christ in Austrailia are generally not associated with a denomination, but do use instruments as part of their regular worship services.
Churches of Christ in New South Wales, Austrailia Maintained by Ian Phillips List of 94 churches in the National Council of Churches of Christ, an Austrailian Denominational organization.
"Christian Church Directory" Crosslink, International, San Deigo, CA 6500 records. Also available on CD from College Press Publishing, Joplin, MO. Originally from the Anukan Ministries, now CrossLink Ministries associated with Christian Churches in the US as a commercial provider of various services to churches. Includes certain churches of Christ and Christian Churches
Net Ministries Directory of Denominations Net Ministries Database of 20,000 denominational churches, 6,500 'ministries' and a directory of denominational directories of churches.