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ChurchZip queries are derived from a 'live' on-line database of congregations. It is constantly updated by people world-wide. At any moment, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, people may be adding or updating entries about congregations they know about. New and corrected entries are published automatically. However, the directory manager also takes active steps to repair or remove remove redundant and/or inappropriate records.

Please note that in certain instances, we do not publish a link that enables 'drill-down' into every country and state. We have all the data, and it may all be searched by the normal specifying a city and a radius. However, to avoid negative performance problems and to maintain an efficient cost for this service, we don't allow anonymous individuals to download very large lists of more than 150 churches without permission. You probably don't need such a list anyways, unless you operate a business of some kind. Contact us if you need a copy of selected international locations.

We do not publish directory information on churches in locations where government leaders say they may persecute Christians. This specifically includes China, North Korea, and certain middle-eastern states. Consider supporting the good folks at Missions Resource Network.

Here is a summary of congregations in our directory, taken just now: <timestamp>

Country List Records List of States Places Elderships Websites People Count
Cell 1 Cell 4 Cell 5 Cell 6 Cell 7

ChurchZip Practices and Privacy Policy

We think we have the world's largest and most accurate on-line directory of churches of Christ. We are constantly harvesting public records from other directories, and list all directories that we regularly review. We also rely on lots and lots of volunteers (maybe you?) who know churches we do not know about. All information submitted to ChurchZip and/or emailed to ChurchZip people is subject to being placed on the Internet for anyone to see, with or without editing. We normally edit every entry a little, to ensure consistency, and/or to add data from other sources. We may use a variety of other public sources, including the Internet to verify information submitted to ChurchZip, and/or to add additional information to whatever anyone may submit. We use cookies to maintain session state variables. We collect and save all data provided by all browsers, including user agent data, IP address, referrers, proxy server, etc. and use them in any way that may or may not further ChurchZip objectives.

ChurchZip is a ministry, not a business. Because of this, we do not need, or ask for money from anyone. We do limited commercial advertising on the site and rule out advertisers who are determined to be inconsistent with our goals. For the hotel reservations link, ChurchZip gets paid a fee for each night actually booked, and a small percentage of all hotel charges linked to such on-line reservations. This activity lowers the cost of running ChurchZip.

Our overarching goal is to make it easy to find the church of Christ wherever someone might want to find one.
By offering up each congregation's own local web site, we encourage further inquiry into each congregation's practices.

No one on earth has an "authorized" list of "true" churches, certainly not ChurchZip.

Of course practices vary widely among churches, and people want to find churches having practices they can enjoin.

Churches listed in ChurchZip are limited to those disclosing certain highly distinctive (and measurable) New Testament practices. We list only those churches 1) not served by any official denominational directory, 2) those practicing exclusive use of acappella music during worship services, and 3) those adhering to New Testament names to describe themselves and their leader's roles or titles.

ChurchZip serves to help people find all of these congregations, worldwide, and none others.

Why do we limit this list? Most people using ChurchZip are looking for churches just such as these.

(C) 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2014, 2020 All ChurchZip pages and data are strictly protected under United States copyright law. Individuals operating Internet browsers are hereby granted a license to review all data on the web site. You may also make copies for your own use and/or use of your relatives and friends, but only if you charge them nothing. You may not copy any of the program code or raw data structures that support this site and its operations.